Modified Hockey Club

Clarence Red DEVILS

Coaching staff

Clarence Red Devils

2021 roster

Frank Jurgens - Head Coach

Nicholas Brancato - Assistant Coach

Anthony Buccilli - Assistant Coach

Jarred Redford - Assistant Coach

​Joe Heim - Franchise Owner

Charles Brancato
Andrew Buccilli

Jake Caffrey
Jeremy Dorigo
Noah Dry
Evan Ferriter
Ryan Geasling
Fenton Gulisano
Jameson Healy
Coleman Hiczewski
Will Howe

Carson Oates 
Jarred Redford
Tim Simard
Michael Torrey
Austin Unocic
Robert Wild
Ben Willett
Ryan Yemma

Practice begins tomorrow, April 21st at 7:30PM.   Players will need to provide completed paperwork and $475 assessment prior to stepping on the ice.

Paperwork consists of the  5 forms on the Handouts page.