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Clarence Modified Hockey 2014


The mission of the Clarence Modified Hockey Club is to provide all Clarence Middle school students a quality hockey experience for that reflects a sense of school pride and a commitment to excellence. Our goal is to instill in all participants the excitement of personal development, working as a team and respect for others as they prepare for competitive high school hockey.

Practice Schedule

Team practices will begin on Tuesday, March 18th – visit the Schedule page for all dates, times and locations. 

Coaches Corner

The Clarence Hockey Club is proud to announce the following coaching selections:

Team White – Head Coach                  Tony Corigliano         email:

Team White – Assistant Coach            Andy Flynn

Team White – Head Coach                  Ken Fronchowiak

Team White – Manager                        Kelly Bird                   email:

Team Black – Head Coach                  Patrick Zaffram          email:  

Team Black – Assistant Coach            Michael Fusani

Team Black – Assistant Coach            Bob Rice

Team Black – Assistant Coach            Bill Riedel

Team Black – Manager       Art Baumeister           email:

Team Red – Head Coach                    Stephen Metschl        email:

Team Red – Assistant Coach              Chuck Carle

Team Red – Assistant Coach              Joe DiMaria

Team Red – Manager                          John Micciarello         email:

If you have any questions regarding Clarence Modified Hockey please contact Joe Heim at


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